I have received questions asking for the best methods for cooking a turkey.  

Here is a website that gives you step by step directions and photos too!


As we are approaching the final days before Thanksgiving, I just want to remind everyone that grocery stores are continuing to offer the special pricing on frozen turkeys and other staple foods for your meal. I have seen pricing range from .49 to .69 per pound for turkey with a purchase of twenty dollars. Many of the weekly flyers have specials on healthier food items. All three groceries in Boston are currently running the 10 for 10 specials on frozen vegetables. Do take advantage of these saving and store extras in your freezer.   Frozen vegetables are a good source of nutrients such vitamins A, C and fiber.  Frozen vegetables cook quickly and can be added to lower cost pasta, mixed with the leftover turkey or canned meats such as tuna or salmon for a quick and easy meal.


A reminder as we enter this holiday season, we CAN enjoy the season without the added pounds to our waistline.   Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

 For the Cook:


  •  Select to prepare foods with using as little salt as possible.
  • Check the label on your frozen turkey; they often have added saline (salt) solutions to retain moisture during cooking.  If so, season the bird with fresh or dried herbs and lemon juice to bring out the flavor without added salt.
  • Remember that many of the prepackage stuffing and canned gravies have added sodium (salt), so again just add fresh or dried herbs to flavor.  
  • Offer your guests steam vegetable options, with no-salt seasoning and no added butter or sauces. You can use healthy almonds slices on the green beans or cook dark green leafy vegetables such as collards simply by sautéing with garlic and olive oil.   
  • In the mash potatoes, casserole dishes, or desserts select to use low-fat milk or evaporated milk to save calories from fat without losing the wonderful taste.
  • Offer your guests lower calorie drinks such as water, low fat milk or diet drinks. Save on your budget by limiting the amount of costly sugary drinks and alcohol.  

 For the Guests:


  • Do not skip breakfast,  our first instinct is to “Not to eat, save room for the big meal”  however eating breakfast ,especially a high fiber breakfast such as whole grain cereal or oatmeal with fruit will sustain you from being totally hungry when you arrive and  help you to resist overeating .
  • Scan the table carefully, select portions of the simply prepared foods such as steam vegetables, plain bake sweet potatoes and lean turkey, take smaller portions of the calorie dense stuffing and mash potatoes.
  • Eat slowly and enjoy the flavors of the foods.  It takes twenty minutes while eating before our brains let us know we are full. So take your time and enjoy the conversation of the guest and family.  
  • After the meal, plan a 30 minute walk or move/dance to some music to gain some physical activity instead of retiring to the couch and watching the games.


Enjoy your healthy Thanksgiving and next week let’s blog about healthy options for leftovers. I’ve got some great recipes, to share but I want to hear from you also.