Kathy Cunningham, MEd, RD, LDN 

kathy-cunningham7Kathy is a registered dietician and senior program manager for the Boston Public Health Commission’s Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Division. She directs multiple nutrition initiatives for the City of Boston, including consumer education programs aimed at helping children and adults develop healthy lifestyles. Kathy has more than 20 years of experience as a community dietitian and takes pride in promoting a cultural approach to nutrition, health, and wellness that is inclusive of families of diverse backgrounds and incomes.  



I am excited to begin this blog as a way to reach families and individuals who so often have nutrition questions but no easy place to get answers. I’ve also met many residents who have their own great ideas, tips, and resources for shopping and preparing food. Through this blog, I hope we can have a two-way conversation about finding and using our pinched resources to promote healthy eating across the city.

Not only as a dietitian but also as a working mom with three kids, I face many of the same challenges as you: balancing the food budget while creating healthy, enjoyable meals for the entire family. This includes quick meals and snacks because I’m getting home late or eating on the run or rushing to take the kids to some appointment.

So I welcome your questions and tips on purchasing healthy foods on a budget, and eating, balanced, healthy meals in this busy world we live in .

This is an opportunity to ask Kathy any question you may have regarding eating healthy on a budget. Please post your questions on this page and Kathy will get back to you within 48hrs.